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Terms & Conditions
Placing an order constitutes acceptance of our terms and conditions of business. The following conditions apply to all contracts for the supply and sale of services by

By placing an order the customer expresses their right to reproduce the supplied image under copyright law. All photographs and negatives provided for restoration are accepted on the strict understanding that the provider owns copyright or permission has been obtained from the owner in writing.

The customer is absolutely liable for any resulting violation of copyright action taken by any third party.

Estimates are valid for a period of 15 days from the estimate date.

Orders will review the choice of service (Standard, Advanced or Expert), if's view differs from that ordered, will advise of any difference in cost and await customer instructions. All orders must be accompanied by enough information for to process the order. Any changes must be agreed in writing or by e-mail. The customer must ensure that all communications regarding orders should specify enough information for the order to be traced.

Delivery will do its best to ensure that orders are completed within the time quoted and will not accept any liability for late delivery of orders. The customer has the right to cancel order that is delayed by more than 7 days from the quoted completion date.

Surcharges will be made for urgent work outside our normal hours of business.

A deposit of 50% will be required.

Any questions concerning these Terms and Conditions should be directed to:, Inc.

Attention: A.S.R

Accepted Payment
* for orders totaling over $150
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